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The phenomenal WIL Fest 2021 by Women in Leadership platform has concluded with the 5th Women Leadership Summit and the 6th Inspiring Award gala event held from 23-24 March in collaboration with Brand Forum bangladesh. With the theme ‘Celebrating Women of Bangladesh: Voice. Vision. Vivid’ the two-day fest has been held virtually at a grand scale to inspire, recognize, and celebrate the women of Bangladesh bringing about disruptive change through their bold and visionary leadership and challenging the status quo.

Inspiring Women Award aims at distinguishing the aspiring and leading women in the corporate sector of Bangladesh, under different categories, and hence identify inspiring role models for women. WIL pledges that recognizing these role models will inspire other aspiring women to come forward and play their part in the national development stream. ​​ Also, they gave recognition to the business organizations that have taken the initiative to develop the most progressive working conditions and policies in the last two years.

This year Among 25 notable Women , Alisha Pradhan was one of the youngest Winner of this inspirational Women Leader Award.

Alisha is currently running Asia’s first TV on Women’s Wellbeing HerNet
TV as a Founding-CEO. HerNet is Asia’s first TV on Women’s Wellbeing. It was launched in 2019 with the Vision: “DISCRIMINATION FREE HARMONIZED WORLD FOR WOMEN”
Goals: The SDG goals explain how to affect HerNet’s business.
HerNet is committed to meet UN declared SDG 2030. It focuses on Women’s Rights, Women Empowerment & Human Rights for the deprived discriminated-&-underprivileged. Thus dedicated itself to aid in building a better, just community of Women, third gender, children, minority, etc. Serving Community through Wellbeing TV prog for women.
Types of Product/Services: Education, Training, Counselling, Success Story, Skill Development, Events, CSR etc.

Alisha is an entrepreneur, industrial merchandiser, film producer and former actress, Alisha Pradhan has gained a myriad of experiences from an early age. (She joined the family group of businesses at the age of 15). Upon returning from USA after her IT diploma in 2017 Alisha joined Globe Pharma Group in the FMCG sector to gather corporate experiences, going outside of her family businesses for the 1st time. Her leadership quality, perseverance & communication skills have led her to work in numerous fields with ease & she plans to continue to contribute to her birthplace through her new endeavor in the IT field.

Involvement in other social work: She is also the Director of Global Chamber Bangladesh (which operates in more than 100 countries to build bridges for global corporates & entrepreneurs. She breifly worked as member of Zonta, a platform advocating for women’s rights. The desire to do something for her country’s culture and female artisans prompted to make her to join Bangladesh Heritage and Craft Foundation under the guidance of Tootli Rahman, as a General Secretary in this Foundation from 2018-2019.)

A rebel by nature, Alisha has ventured into many different and contrasting fields – starting from business, media, and social work- deep down serving her truest calling as a patriot, through these fields.

Alisha in current times also has been involved in many-social charitable-foundations. A few of her initiatives include serving the necessary food, clothes, medicine, mask, hand sanitizer, and information during covid under HerNet Foundation. Her other notable pandemic contribution includes Bangladeshi 1st lockdown live webinar show “Dur Theke Kache (United in Isolation) “which was the biggest innovation in social media which has changed the dynamic of Bangladesh media & a few foreign nations to stay connected through social media.

Ms. Preema Nazia Andaleev, president and founder of WIL, who is also one of the prolific artist, writer, and creative editor stated in her introductory speech “Woman in Leadership- is an extraordinary woman who leads by example, lives on purpose, and inspires others to be more and do more. She is a modern-day hero, game-changer, mover, and shaker. With courage, confidence, commitment, and integrity, she inspires others to go further. These very women have the fierce and robust spirit which makes them excel in their respective areas, making a ripple impact across their community. These women are the utmost key drivers of our country’s developments and growth making impacts locally, and globally.”

Alisha Pradhan in gratitude expressed “I am humbled by Women in Leadership – WIL Award, organized by Brand Forum. Truly an honor for the team of HerNet TV. Mostly because of the impeccable process WIL’s jurors go through. Thank you, Ms, Preema Nazia & Mr. Shariful Islam for setting the standard and inspiring us for almost a decade. A recognition like this also works as an added reminder of our duty and commitment which we pledged for the community to continue to harbor and reach our full potential to further the overall gender equality sustainable goals. I’m glad to share this recognition of WIL with amazing arrays of women, who were awarded too.”

Following are the 22 women who received this prestigious notable award and a dozen more honorable mentions to inspire these women to grow to their full potential as leader of tomorrow.

The list of respected Awardees of WIL inspiring Women Awards

The 6th Inspiring Women Award, of the following categories:

1.     Most Progressive Organization.

2. Inspiring Female Professional

§ Aspiring Woman Leader (1 – 4 years of experience)

§ Progressing Woman Leader (5 – 9 years)

§ Inspiring Woman Leader (CEO/Head of Division)

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