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Like all conscious citizen of Bangladesh, I as well have profoundly been concerned & inspired to be curious with all the drama that is going on the social platform regarding “All the Prime Minister’s Men,” (ATPM) by Al Jazeera (AJ)

Why took so long?
Was scrutinizing the motivation to connect the dots.
Why decided to journal by myself?
The topic was less complicated, more inherently layered and intrinsically political, and consequently sensitive.
But on a global platform, it all came down to the humongous coalition attempt to tarnish the image of my beautiful Brave country Bangladesh. But is it true? ATPM – the title suggested a coordinated target on the HPM & hence gives me a clear indication to respond to it independently as the founder of HerNet TV, Asia’s first TV on Women’s Wellbeing & HerNet News ( site for global women news). Now I can’t say it is coming from a pure neutral view & whoever does while journaling would be lying.

  • I’m divinely in love with my country, my nation, and my people. I m proud as proud can be of our history and how far have we come. Facts remain we are 50 years old nation, recently stepped into the developing nations league, an over-populated nation where crime plays its regular part and presence of corrupted politicians from different parties.
  • The world applauds the way Bangladesh handled covid-19 effectively, just compare the covid victims & the impact with neighboring countries or western countries?
  • Bangladesh is a champion of women empowerment, women’s education & women in top positions including politics.
  • One of the most secular countries where diverse religions Coexist peacefully and celebrate together.
  • As one of the largest & progressive economies, Bangladesh’s industry sector is experiencing double-digit growth.
  • Many individual scholars on specific chapters are being globally recognized and leading some world-renown organizations and global political parties.
  • Our infrastructures are developing. Achieving milestone on completion of Padma Bridge which is Asia’s longest bridge.
  • Many more rail, metro, sports, IT, health, education projects, etc is going on. When great things happen, wrongdoings happen too. And unfortunately, Bangladesh has its unfair share of evil ignorant citizens doing unfair business on this soil and derailing the Nations’s Goal. ( we public also don’t do enough justice as citizens either).

But essentially I can say on behalf of my fellow Bangladeshi we are not known as Mafia nation.
It reminds me of the Hollywood movie Extraction-2019, Netflix’s highest-rated film where Bangladesh was depicted as a rough tarnished country with child mafia all around with deformed culture. This movie is based on the book Ciudad where the plot city is stated as the “worst place on earth” and the director and Indian crew picked Bangladesh! (seems nothing new for the western world to misrepresent our country. I went ahead with a couple of lawyers to sue Netflix and the director but failed to launch for some financial barrier for the process.)

However, From Hollywood let’s come to Al-Jazeera-wood. We start with some Established Red Flags Before a deep anatomical analysis.
Red Flags

  • Haris boosting his Political influence but it is a traditional trait of all con-men around the world. (I guess not just con-man, in general, we just tend to over exaggerate our relationship with influential people).
  • Mr. Haris Ahmed, absconding Criminal, claiming to be close to HPM but contradict own statements as to why then his political clout did not grant him a presidential pardon during 1996? (A photo with HPM as background man doesn’t make him consequently an HPM confidant. Imagine what if all the people taking photos with her drum up a relationship claim?
  • Joseph Ahmed, the youngest brother, was arrested for murder in 1995 and remain incarcerated till 2018 when he finally got a presidential pardon just before 11 months of his due release date.
    (What is the big fuss around Presidential Pardon, it is not a prize reserved for champions rather like clemency for sinners, which is only given to convicted criminals. Barack Obama Pardoned the conviction of 1927 people. USA President Donald Trump in his short 4 yrs tenure executed 237 pardons, under Constitution’s Article II. Russia, where Vladimir Putin passed a bill, in layman’s words gave himself a presidential pardon in advance)!
  • Foreign Minister of Bangladesh A. K. Abdul Momen has directly denied purchasing equipment from Israel.
    ( Suppose even if we did, it would be an Internal affair of Bangladesh. Israel leads the world with its innovation in healthcare, intelligence, Tech, etc. They built USB Drive, firewall protection, pill-cam, etc that saves lives. Are Bangladeshi not supposed to utilize the essentials to serve or save lives on the off chance that is required! Israel (Mossad) has co-operation with the Muslim nation like the UAE, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Jordan, Turkey & Saudi Arabia. FIY America’s FBI & CIA has been getting Mossad’s supports like no other country on the planet. Israel is a very prominent player in the global village. It is odd how AJ twisting that angle (or somebody else thinks on behalf of AJ is the question).
    Let us walk down the memory lane of religious history:
    Mohammad (Peace be upon him) After he migrated to Medina from Mecca, established an agreement between the major Medinan factions, including the Jewish tribes, that secured equal rights for both Jews and Muslims.
    Meaning we will always have a human relationship with every nation.
  • In an article it was stated —it is plausible for developing countries to occasionally select a general who does not live up to expectations? (But it’s not just Bangladesh, in the USA & European nations moreover have numerous top rank officers/military with a coordinated criminal history. for eg, USA Pentagon statistics showed the Army allowed many convicted burglars, felons, drug users to be enlisted. )
  • General Aziz Ahmed-who has allegedly created a “mafia state” in Bangladesh contradicts his retirement statement which is to travel Europe only. I wonder why it wasn’t titled “All the General’s Brother”? ( Perhaps the sole target was HPM only as the title inspired by the book “All the president’s Men” on the watergate scandal that forced Richard Nixon to resign as President. It must be said that Richard Nixon is not just the first USA president that resigned but also the only USA President granted a presidential pardon by his successor Gerald Ford, Ford was also Nixon’s Vice President. I find it a bit laughable that to frame Bangladeshi HPM that’s the best AJ Investigations team could do or gathered).
  • One piece of evidence that does require serious investigation:
    How Haris Ahmed and Anis Ahmed flee the nation with fake passports as absconding criminals & the associated misuse of power. ( Well, here I can effortlessly say such violation goes around in such nations like Bangladesh & it is utterly wrong. But it specifically happens in western civilized nations like the USA & Europe too. For e.g, a gang in Greece caught issuing 100 fake IDs in 2019, An Indian man caught with fake Slovenian Passports in the USA. Police in Paraguay have arrested a Brazilian football superstar with a fake ID in 2020, now you can’t possibly have the Brazil President accused of such crime taking place. when you’re wealthy and have a powerful family it would be easier to urge absent with extortion. My points here such crimes are pervasive everywhere and they merit being brought to light.
  • We are also curious about the convicted brother’s photo with a few of the powerful representatives of our state! Most have denied the existence of such a photo and stated it was edited. (I don’t want to blindly believe that point but however just recently saw on all national news, yesterday a felon was arrested in Bangladesh who was a fraud claiming to be a close confidant of the government & he went ahead with an edited photo with no one else but HPM sheikh Hasina & we’re sure there are more such people doing extortion by producing fake evidence with powerful people).

After Math Post-Mortem on AJ-
News flash this is Al Jazeera’s 4th highest viewed content.
Do we want to know the 1st highest content —
Another Bangladeshi brothel news (among 1000 of content ) and 3rd highest content was another news dialogue on Bangladesh & Rohingya refugee where AJ was furious how Bangladeshi is not doing enough to give a Dream holiday service to the refugee! Thankfully it was salvaged by H.E Syeda Muna ( Bangladeshi High commissioner in England) with simply one statement— “why the world isn’t doing enough”. There you go AJ being in its core “selectively biased”
AJ by the world is known as PROPAGANDA, MACHINE for Qatar Govt, which should fuel our curiosity for the motivation behind this news. The first reason I may guess AJ needs some thigh TRP views & only Bangladesh news can do it.

FYI it is not only our Military General that AJ made furiously, but American general and politician Collin Powell was furious too and he tried his best to shut down AJ!
Al Jazeera reporters credentials were revoked many times at many nations (broadcasting banned in many nations, even many reporters and staff resigned stating bias news propaganda and many reporters dismissed by AJ when reporters tried to intervene Qatar Government so if its the Pro Awami leaguers or public trying to sue their journalists won’t be something new for AJ).

I wondered how was it relevant, given Bangladesh dealing covid so well. The daily star posted recently how HPM Sheikh Hasina went ahead & paid for the oxford vaccine before even WHO’s vouched for it (well more often than not WHO has its own strategy). Now Bangladesh has been vaccinating the public in a very functional adequate manner while many countries facing shortage and unavailability of Vaccines & Bangladesh just received another 2 million doses of COVISHIELD vaccines recently. It successively proves what a far-sighted leader is Bangladeshi Prime Minister.
They say if u don’t know the motivation of why something happened then see the result of the actions.
How well AJ investigated Mr. Bergman before launching this expensive Docu-drama with him.

Who is Bergman?
AJ stated they approached the people involved in this Docu for a response! But It was approached by Bergman as a representative of Netra news. Since Bergman certainly didn’t bother to specify AJ is making a Docu-Lavish-animated-drama purportedly ambushing the PM when he supposedly approached for a response to Bangladeshi representatives, It raises the question if Mr. Bergman is an agent of conflicts of interest. After a deep analysis of their months & months of Netra news site, we concluded, the agenda evidently is to bash the Awami league & HPM Sheikh Hasina solely! There was no iota of other news, no public interest, no good or development news, no news on corruption done by non-government org, no issues of women-children-third genders wellbeing, no investigating on rest of the world’s politics!
Netra news must not know the meaning of “non-partisan” or “non-profit” before decorating these words in their news site. Cause not a single article is non-partisan and hence someone must profit. The site is not even interesting to look at or compartmentalized!
What response and clarification one can give to someone who decisively has only one agenda that is blaspheming you! ( I’m not even going to breathe any life to Mr. Bergman’s heinous lie about our history! How despicably he attempted to malign & minimized the value of our liberation war & calling the war crimes tribunal a farce or misleading on the numbers of martyrs of the liberation war, because that will open another can of worms).
Btw Bergman is married to a notable Barrister of Bangladesh Sara Hossain & His father-in-law is Dr. Kamal Hossain, ( a historical figure of Bangladesh, who led the process of producing the Constitution of Bangladesh & participated in many other historical events of Bangladesh. Since 1990 he is known as the opposition party as the leader of the Gono Forum party & currently leading the BNP Coalition).

To Bangladeshi Press:
Some Press are applauding how AJ Has opened their eyes on how to do journalism investigation well I’m sorry sir no they didn’t, rather one must be venting out their frustration on AJ’s account.
Some news editor mentioned the freedom of speech of the USA which is actually under the 1st amendment act but they forgot to mention that govt. officials are only allowed to speak if that information is not secret or classified and if that person is not speaking as a representative of the government. Yes, even American freedom of speech comes with blanket restrictions for speaking to media. That’s how Trump has been silencing the gov’t agencies stated by the Kennesaw State journalism board.
AJ can go ahead flaunting their investigation drama but do u know they are not allowed to investigate the very Qatar government of their country! AJ is known as a worldwide propaganda weapon for the Qatar government & these are Wikipedia facts. So now I invite all Deshi press media to investigate the other global leaders and their corruption and beg recognition from AJ ( thus also satisfying their desire to do investigation journalism) and that’s how you can show AJ to take care of their own home first.
I am not a political activist but it exhausts me continuously seeing Bangladesh mistreated or put down on Global news. Sometimes its a partly fault of our local people who spew vitriol about Bangladesh to diplomatic relation for personal gain and make it easier for the rest of the world to shadow our glory, development, or golden history.

Or is it A downfall theory through Soft War?
Soft warfare is a global sophisticated weapon where Twitter/ insta/ Facebook feeds are more lethal than a bomb. Imagine instead of going on strike, public turmoil, civil war, if you simply can have few social media feeds or well-invested Docu-drama and still have the same result then what would you choose? The cunning/smart people have already figured it out.
How many of us can think the sophisticated documentaries may have hidden agendas? Thus A perfect weapon to launch an assault attack civilly.
In today’s world the biggest weapon you can have is attention —well congrats al Jazeera you have it now!

Dear HPM Sheikh Hasina MP-
We admire you ardently. It amazes the world how gracefully you never defend your position cause you never feel attacked (you analyze everything & respond with more developments and contributions ) & this makes you an epitome of an Independent strong women worldwide.

Awami League is a spirit and identity but it should not be a brand. For eg, in a serious matter out of nowhere, some representative starts citing Brand song, which sorts of taking the credibility away. A true leader with a moral correct compass can navigate through with facts and anecdotes leaving imprints 100 times better than mundane branding of it. Citing glorious past solely is a sign of ignorance & ego. But citing glorious past with actions and living by example is a sign of strength and true leadership.
If only a few more of the representatives of the government in true essence aspire to be more like you HPM ( your diplomacy, humbleness, vigilance, modus operandi, etc) then all the progress & development would have been far more a smooth sail.
But then again following your leadership skill and honing your characteristic philosophy would be too much work for many hence singing brand song make their jobs 100 times easier. They say a wise enemy is better than foolish friends, some associates may not be corrupted or bad necessarily but simply restricted by mundane ignorance & mediocrity which is sometimes outright dangerous for overall wellbeing.

HPM, You are the ultimate guardian of this sovereign country for a reason.
We hope under your radar would be some new fresh minds who are way above mediocrity with philosophical intellect. Who should be serving the people instead of being ambitious for personal materialistic goals.
Some strategic insights from such people who wouldn’t fear illustrating constructive criticism as well. The golden vision of 2041 (which is the ultimate dream of our Father of the nation Bangabandhu to build a SHONAR BANGA) would be expedited by the smooth sail of such an equal united force. As public we can say end of the day all of us are human and human error is a must but as long as there are people to identify the error and people to rectify it, we will keep on progressing under your leadership

As a nation, we are too dependent on maids, Drivers, teachers, government, journalists, etc.
Let’s put our complaints against the government or opposition aside, are they not the very people who run this nation with our tax. So let’s take charge, we can change this by being Proactive then reactive. Without public active role, no country will ever recuperate totally from fraud, rape, assault, mishandle, rules-breaker, extortion, short-cut chaser & other unspeakable things. Let’s take responsibility to become assets instead of liabilities. Foremost it must begin at home where Parents have a dialogue with children to raise strong equal sons & daughters.
In my small experiences of life & research on world affairs, I write this open letter to all the fellow Bangladeshi citizens.
May Allah bless our Beautiful Bangladesh & the people of Bangladesh.

Alisha Pradhan, 27, Founding CEO
HerNet TV

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