Grand Inauguration of Kaaruj’s First Dhanmondi Outlet: A Landmark for Local Artisans and Sustainable Living Enthusiasts

Saturday, November 4, 2023 – Dhanmondi, Dhaka: Kaaruj, the renowned brand dedicated to empowering local artisans and offering eco-friendly products, celebrated a significant milestone with the grand opening of its exclusive store in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. The glittering inauguration ceremony, held at 27 Shaptak Square, marked an historic occasion for the brand and its mission.

Strengthening Local Craftsmanship and Sustainability The Managing Director and Proprietor of Kaaruj presided over the event, emphasizing the brand’s unwavering commitment to supporting regional handicrafts and sustainable living. This commitment has made Kaaruj a beacon for those who appreciate the beauty of environmentally friendly home decor items. With the addition of “Kaaruj In Style,” a dedicated fashion section at the Dhanmondi outlet, the brand elevates its status as a one-stop shop for eco-conscious living and fashion enthusiasts.

Exclusive Discounts for Conscious Shoppers In honor of this momentous launch, Kaaruj is offering a generous 15% flat discount on all items at the Dhanmondi store until November 15, 2023. This limited-time offer presents an ideal opportunity for customers to explore the allure of handcrafted, environmentally friendly products at an unbeatable price.

Promoting Ethical Consumer Choices and Empowering Artisans The opening of Kaaruj’s Dhanmondi store is a significant stride towards the company’s goal of promoting ethical consumer choices and supporting regional artisans. Founded on the principles of sustainability, style, and empowerment, Kaaruj represents a lifestyle rather than just a product line. This new outlet is a testament to the brand’s dedication to these values.

Discover a World of Fashion and Lifestyle Visitors to the exclusive Dhanmondi store will find a treasure trove of eco-conscious fashion and lifestyle products. Kaaruj’s dedication to sustainable living and supporting local artisans has culminated in this magnificent outlet.

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Kaaruj’s Dhanmondi store stands as a symbol of the brand’s commitment to local artistry, sustainable living, and ethical consumer choices. It’s not just a store; it’s a celebration of values and a lifestyle choice.