Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
Alisha Pradhan's

Numerous endeavors to hack Alisha Pradhan’s Facebook account were made in 2019 and a few more made in 2020 and this time the programmers were fruitful in impairing her account giving less than a couple of days before it gets forever deactivated. The hackers very diligently managed to hack the mail id couple of days back and she was totally oblivious of the truth which is why she wasn’t educated when her accounts ( individual Facebook account & page ) were getting hundreds of requests to totally deactivate the account. After different endeavors with her IT expert Alisha was at long last able to induce back her mail ID and she was stunned when she saw there were more than 500 demands to deactivate her Facebook accounts all at the same time, the screenshot has as of now been shared. 
When inquired Alisha has mentioned that she was not directly threatened but somehow given an alert regarding the kind of work she and HerNet TV is doing for the well-being of Ladies & Third gender.  The way it is advancing and making movements in society by directly impacting media, organizations & individual to be more conscious of women empowerment  & third gender’s right might raise a few competitors and few foes as well, which can directly and indirectly expose and shed light of truth to  the work of the vicious circle. It was apparent from the discourse that there were many individuals & syndicates for their individual intrigued who attempted to control HerNet tv’s news, programs, and stories but Alisha has Strongly stated that her work and dedication is for the wellbeing of the underprivileged community ( Women, children, Transgender, and minorities )which is aligned with the soul of Bangabandhu’s Golden Bangla  . she will not bow down to any sick deliberate & will confront each hindrance with astuteness, legitimately & formally, 
Alisha aspires of nurturing the inspiration of Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina with her Golden Vision of opening HerNet TV branches in more than fifty countries to set a shining example of women’s empowerment, gender equality and justice .

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