Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

Improve in “ Quality of Life “ by cultural development is equally important as the economic development in the society . Putting the different stake holders of the society on an equal footing is essential to achieve this objective to create a creative city . Urbanisation and high cost of available space to practice art are increasingly being challenged or being demolished . Then Covid 19 has changed the everyday engagement .

Public activities are curtailed during pandemic . Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation ( DBF ) made an international appeal to convert alternative spaces to exhibit art work and installation produced by the artist from Bangladesh that are created with a social cause and have community engagement . We advocated that alternative art space would make scope for others to view art during lock down which had not been possible other wise. Creativity improves mental health .

“ Elephant in the Room “ by Kamruzzaman Shadhin have been exhibited since March 2020 to early October 2020 in one of this high profile converted space in the city of Dhaka for the first time since independence of Bangladesh (Elephant in the room is pate of the biodiversity conflict mitigation around the refugee camp of Coxes bazar District project with the support from UNHCR, The UN refugee agency and IUCN).

Next exhibit space will be updated shortly as soon authorisation is obtained from venue host . Artist Shadhin was a perticipant of Majhi Art Residency, Venice 2019, and “ Bhumi “ a collaborative with Gidree Bawlee .

Durjoy Bangladesh foundation also stated that in their upcoming exhibition and installation among other social issues, gender equality and women artists will be given significance to support SDG goal 5 & aid in mitigating gender disparity through Art Diplomacy.
Exhibition Display and collection courtesy of Durjoy Bangladesh foundation.


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